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Shahin Energy Co. as a subsidiary of Rastak Group (EPC Contractor), has been established in 2007 with the aim of supplying instruments and control system equipment. We laid on engineering and technical strength of our team and try to get familiar with our customers requirements.

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What we do

Shahin Energy is a distributor of industrial field instruments, electrical, mechanical and control systems, mainly focusing on sales and services for instrumentation products and valves. As an all-purpose supplier, we supply our customers with various products applied for different industries such as Oil & Gas, petrochemicals, power plants, water treatment plants and etc. With over years of excellent experience, our company can provide best services to the costumers.

Our Values

  • Moralism
  • Stakeholders satisfaction
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Meritocracy

  • Our services:
      • Engineering services
      • Procurement services
      • Installation, Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up
      • After sales services
  • Why You Should Choose Us:
      • Professional technical support
      • Supply of whole package from various vendors
      • Supply of original and qualified goods from well-known brands
      • Competitive prices
      • On-Time delivery
      • High-quality services in the whole value chain
      • Flexibility in commercial services and money transaction
      • Experienced team for installation and commissioning services
      • Guarantee of goods and after sales services
  • Our main scope of supply:
      • Pressure Measurement
      • Temperature Measurement
      • Level Measurement
      • Flow Measurement
      • Tank Gauging System
      • Belt Conveyor Safety
      • Corrosion Metering
      • Analyzers
      • Control System Equipment
      • DCS/ ESD Control System
      • MV and LV Panel Equipment
Our Services

Our projects

Main projects

Supplying instruments for:

● Refinery Steam Unit of South Pars- Phases 20 & 21
● Sulfor Gradation Unit of South pars- Phase 12 Refinery
● Sulfor Gradation Unit of South pars- Phase 17 & 18 Refinery
● Sulfor Gradation Unit of South pars- Phase 19 Refinery
● Sulfor Gradation Unit of South pars- Phase 20 & 21 Refinery
● Sulfor Gradation Unit of South pars- Phase 12 Refinery
● Sulfor Gradation Unit of Persian Gulf StarRefinery
● Phase 14 PTG – South pars
● Spherial Tanks RTG – Assaluyeh
● Bijar & Hamedan Pressure boosting Stations
● Fajr2 Petrochemical
● Boiler Unit Phase22 to 24 South Pars
● Bibi Hakimeh Desalting Unit
● Gachsaran Desalting
● Khark Export terminals RTG
● Dehagh & Polkaleh Pressure boosting Stations

Supplying instruments for:

● Bardsir Steel Reclamation plant
● Natanz Steel DCS System
● Sirjan Steel
● Kavir Steel Complex
● Turbine lubrication Equipment (Gol Gohar Complex)
● Gol Gohar Pelletizing plant
● Gol Gohar hematite Plant
● Gol Gohar Concentrator Plant
● Gol Gohar Pelletizing Transfer line

Supplying instruments for:

Shirkouh Yazd Power plant HVAC System & Mechanical BOP Shirvan Power Plant Cooling System Parand Power Plant Water Treatment Yazd 2 Power Plant Water Treatment Tanks of Iranshahr Gas Power plant Power plants :

● Damavand
● Kahnouj
● Sabzevar
● Abadan
● Hamedan
● Genaveh
● Gole Gohar
● Parand
● Sirjan 
● West Karun
● Samangan
● Orumieh

Our projects distribution

Distribution map

Our key personals

Management team